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Set of Porter 9T’s for Telecaster “Twang with a P90 Punch”


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Walking the line of chime and grime

Being a Telecaster player doesn’t leave one with many pickup swapping options without some sort of modification to the instrument. The slightly scooped midrange of traditional Tele pickups yields the percussive bite and twang guitar players love, but most Tele-handlers out there would like to fill out that midrange void with some throaty grunt. Porter Pickups has managed to fill this tall order with a set of custom wound, drop-in Tele-style pickups. The Porter 9T pickups retain the brassy sassy slice of the Tele, while filling out the frequency spectrum with the raunchy paunch of P90 punch. Adding this bark to the bite was achieved by cleverly implementing dual-bar magnets and individually adjustable screw poles for a hybrid of P90 and Tele tones. This magic combination enables plank spanking rhythm work and greasy vowel lead lines to come from the same guitar—almost as if some double tracking action was happening in real time with two different guitars.

The pickups are configured in Bare Nickel. They are direct replacements into Telecaster cavities.

Youtube sample for the Telecaster 9T’s