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About Paul

Paul Willett, True Fret Guitar

Paul Willett, True Fret Guitar

After 40 years in the computer/IT business, With the support of my loving wife (who is by the way also my best friend), I am finally following a path which is my passion.

I have been around music from an early age – In the D.C. area at 11 years old I started with drums, Drums introduced me to rock bands, The Washington Redskins Marching Band, and led me to college as a Percussion Major. I ended up leaving college early, enlisting in the Navy, and with life’s adventures my music ended up in the back seat.


I had taught myself to play the guitar through the years, I was taught the first three chords by Jimmy Barnett. Of course those three chords were to Gloria which was a very popular song that we played together in our old 60’s Maryland area band “The Missing Links”. Jimmy to this day is still an excellent musician performing actively in the D.C. area. I married my wife Sharon in 1999. Sharon recognized immediately that I had a passion for music. Sharon promotes my hobby/habit. I have collected several guitars and have become a much better player, with the urge to keep improving. On January 30th, 2009 I have made a “Quantum Leap” from a “Secure” IT job into my own guitar repair business “True Fret Guitar” in Milton, Wisconsin. Included in my leap was attending and graduating from one of the premier guitar luthier schools in the U.S. – Brian Galloup School of Luthier in Big Rapids Michigan.

My business is built on my love for the guitar, honesty, respect for my fellow human being, being in the same room with musicians (beginner to advanced), the appreciation of beautiful tones, along with the commitment that every guitar (no matter it’s monetary worth) gets treated with the same loving attention (Ask Sharon – I am very particular, even fingerprints are my enemy.). I have taken steps and made decisions to be able to keep my pricing within reason and adjust my hours to the requirements of the musicians that may need me. By doing this I have adjusted my business offerings not because of the lack of skills but to do what I like to do and invest in the tooling of my shop to make sure the product of my offerings are liked by my customers. How playable the musicians guitar is, and the quality of the tones being produced by the musicians amplifier are very important! I love being around musicians, so please give me a chance to accommodate your needs – If by chance I cannot, it will not cost you anything for me to find a local business that will!


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